For a Unique Caravan Vacation

Vacations with a caravan are a unique experience, especially for individuals who are fond of freedom. Although it was not known before, the interest in the holiday with a caravan due to the pandemic has been increasing in recent days. Caravan, which offers a holiday opportunity in the comfort of a home, protecting the privacy of the family, reaching the desired route, and most importantly, far from the crowd, by the social distance rules, continues to attract its enthusiasts. Firstly, we will clarify what is a caravan. It is a vehicle without an engine that can be pulled by a car or van and it contains a bed and some equipment used for cooking and other chores.

With the pandemic period, the caravan market started to attract a lot of attention, so it has been clearly said that there is a high demand for caravan production companies. Caravans, which have been the holiday symbol of free-spirited individuals for years, meet with today’s technology. It has become to offer all kinds of comfort.

Motorhome or Trailer?

The question of Motorhome or Trailer, which has been discussed recently, is often on the agenda of the concerned holidaymakers. The answer to this question is found in Caravan users because used the purpose of a caravan, for how long, on which routes, and how many people depending on what you will use, your answers may also change. The economic factor is also remarkably effective in deciding the answer to this question. But generally, tastes and understanding of comfort guide you to make the right choice. Since it is easier and more practical, we can see the motorhome often in recent years. But it can be clearly said that there is a lot of interest in the trailer to create a nostalgic effect.

Trailers cannot be set on the road without a certificate of approval as they are towed by another vehicle. For example, a person who makes a trailer for his pleasure cannot go out on the road as he wishes. If its maximum weight is less than 750 kg and O1 type approval Trailers are allowed to be put on the road if the certificate is available. In other words, “Type”, which decides the international production details, and Certificate of Approval” decides whether the trailers can take part in traffic. Therefore, interested customers should pay attention to this point before buying or making a trailer.

Change of License for Caravan Use

What license do I need for a caravan? Question is searched by those people who devotees of the caravan are. You should know how to get a caravan license before you get a caravan. Obligation to register O1-certified Caravans although there is no need to obtain a certificate of approval. This is because vehicles can check whether it meets the security criteria. If O2 class if the caravan exceeds the 750 kg limit. But the caravan registered in the O1 class is not converted to O2. Under 750kg Caravans can drive with a Class B license. But its maximum weight is 751 kg an addition of E (such as BE, CE) must be the driver’s license used for motorhomes.

Using of Caravan

Before using the caravan, it should be ensured that the load distribution is equal, and the caravan should be connected properly. Before setting off, the route should be reviewed, stopovers should be made in advance. must be figured out, and the vehicle must be driven for a maximum of 150 kilometres or 2 hours. When these rules are followed, it will be a smoother journey for the caravan driver. For a more comfortable journey, caravans must have C type cargo tires and the tire pressures must be correct.
One of the most critical issues in caravan uses is to set the speed correctly. Especially when reversing and manoeuvring difficulties will occur. So, practice before the trip and it is necessary to have the caravan mirrors that serve as an extension be mounted. Drivers who adjust their speed correctly will gain sufficient experience in a brief time.

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