Caravan Solar Panel System Usage

The energy system for operating electrical appliances in the caravan consists of three main parts.

  • The service battery stores the energy and runs the direct current (12-24-48 Volt) devices directly.
  • The Solar Panel generates energy from sunlight. As an alternative to energy production, the mains electricity rectifier in the camp and similar facility can charge the batteries or directly operate the 220 Volt working devices in the caravan. Vehicle engine charging alternator can charge service batteries via DC DC Charger. The generator generally operates devices with high energy consumption (air conditioner, washing machine or dishwasher) excluding the service battery system. The Solar Panel system stands out from other alternatives and is widely used, thanks to its quietness and no operating costs.
  • The third main equipment, the inverter, converts the direct current (DC) energy stored in the battery into 220 Volts, that is, alternating current.
  • Complementary equipment of the system is solar panel assembly equipment and cable, connector, fuse and circuit breaker products.

Solar panel systems for the caravan mainly consist of three equipment: the device that generates energy from sunlight is the solar panel, the energy in the service battery and transmitted to the devices on the boat through this battery, the inverter is the direct current (DC) electricity stored in the battery, the mains electricity (220 Volt) It converts it to 220 Volts for tools to use. Apart from that, solar connection and assembly equipment forms the side parts of the solar panel system.

As a solar panel recommendation for the caravan, products with a highly efficient solar cell, properly soldered, and diodes that will prevent the panel from closing completely in case of shading should be selected. That monocrystalline cell panels suffer less performance loss is a considerable fact. There is no solar panel type that performs the same in case of shading or only in weak daylight, and you can try this by holding your hand on two panels of the same power, monocrystalline and polycrystalline, by observing the similar performance loss that will occur in sunny weather.

Weather Conditions

The geography and weather conditions are two main factors before installing the solar panel systems. The energy consumption to be used in the system is effective in the calculation of the caravan solar panel. The panel power, that is, the amount of energy that can be produced, will increase according to the number of solar panels used. JEL, AGM (dry) or EFB type lead-acid batteries are generally used as service batteries in the caravan. Agm batteries used in gel batteries and uninterruptible power supplies and suitable for cyclic use are also preferred, thanks to the long cycle number (the battery is discharged to its discharge capacity and recharged without loss).

In the selection of the service battery in the caravan, the energy consumption, frequency and habits of use in the system (is it only used on holiday or is it used continuously?), the physical conditions of the batteries and the environment where the caravan will be located, the manufacturer of the battery and the warranty conditions must be taken into account, and considering the price-performance balance, the energy need in the caravan should be taken into account. Reliable products that can meet expectations should be preferred for service batteries.

The inverter to be used in the caravan is generally used in 12-24 Volt direct current electrical appliances (DC Refrigerator, adventurer, water booster, Webasto-like ambient heater, DC Television and Lighting, etc.), except for the 220 Volt mains electricity (AC Refrigerator, Ice Maker, Microwave Oven, Water). Heating kettle, Hermetic Water Heater, UFO-like heater, computer, phone, tablet charging etc.) are used to operate electrical appliances. There are full sine inverter and modified sine inverter as inverter type, digital circuit refrigerator, electrical appliances with thyristor, washing machine and dishwasher.

Full sine inverter should be preferred in radio and smart automation products that include mobile phone, tablet and computer chargers, digital clocks, fluorescent lamps. Apart from this, modified sine inverters are also preferred in LED TV and Lighting and non-digital refrigerators. Lastly, an important solar panel. system equipment is the solar charge controller. The solar charge controller is the solar charge controller. It regulates the current coming from the battery to the battery and provides low and high voltage protection for the battery to work properly.

There are solar charge controllers with PWM and MPPT algorithms. Panels with 18-19 Volt output are suitable for use in energy systems independent of the grid. Solar panels between 50-165 watts are available here. It can be used efficiently with PWM device in 12-24-48 Volt off-grid energy systems. 250 watt and above solar panels are products designed for grid-connected systems and can output 30-38 Volts. It works efficiently around 30-35 Volts by regulating voltage and current thanks to MPPT devices.

Although it is tried to increase the efficiency obtained from the solar panel by using MPPT solar charge controllers in 50-165 watt group panels, solar panels designed for grid-connected systems are solar chargers working in this algorithm. why not It should be kept in mind that this may cause the batteries to be charged faster than normal and thus to prematurely end the life of the battery. Normal and economical use in caravan solar panel systems. If it is necessary to design a system with solar panels between 50-165 watts by means of PWM charge control, it is necessary to increase performance with MPPT Solar charge control and only use space constraints. MPPT charge controller is to be preferred if a product designed to be connected to a 250-380 watt network is used.

Caravan Solar Panel Calculator

In order to design a caravan solar panel system, first of all, the energy consumption in the caravan should be well analyzed and the electrical appliances to be used in the caravan and their duration of use should be determined.

-Types, number, usage habits of electrical appliances to be used in the caravan
-Physical features of free space where solar panels without shadowing can be placed in the caravan
-Caravan electrical installation voltage and cable distance and thickness information

Caravan Solar Panel System Advantages

-Caravan Solar Panel System has no operating cost (fuel) apart from the initial investment cost, and the maintenance cost is almost non-existent compared to the generator.
-Caravan Solar Panel System is a silent source of energy production. It is more comfortable than a motor or generator, thanks to the absence of noise while vacationing in a boat or caravan.
-Caravan Solar Panel System It allows you to produce your own energy without being connected to the mains electricity, boat and engine or generator in the vehicle at the beach or camp. It provides freedom of movement and time on travel.
-The Caravan Solar Panel System keeps the batteries constantly charged, thus extending the life of healthy batteries.
-Caravan Solar Panel is a product that can be used for a long time. The average economic life of the solar panel is 25 years.

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