Smart Caravan Systems

If you are wondering what smart caravan systems are and how they are beneficial for your caravan and trips, this article is just for you.

The smart caravan system offers a number of useful features that make caravans a useful tool for long-distance camping. Aside from displaying useful information such as battery and water consumption, the caravan can also be remotely monitored. This is a great way to save money and reduce hassles while ensuring that your van is protected. Here are some of its key features. Let’s have a closer look! We’ve gathered some useful information to help you make the most of your smart system caravan.

The CaraControl system is the technological apex in autonomous intelligence and remote control. It can work on its own or be connected to your RV’s power supply. It includes a touchscreen and is usually operated by an android or iOS-based smartphone. The system can also integrate sensors such as temperature, propane level, and open/levelling. It is also compatible with most major brands of electronic appliances and is available as a standalone unit or a part of a larger system.

In addition to monitoring the voltage and the charge/discharge cycles of batteries, the smart system caravan can be fitted with various sensors that make it more useful. The E-Switch module, for example, can alert you if your caravan door is left open. The E-Gaslevel module, meanwhile, works with most standard steel LPG bottles. Another feature is the E-Waterlevel module, which can be installed in your caravan’s water tank. The E-Load module, on the other hand, can replace your caravan’s jockey wheel.

The SMART Plus intelligent construction system has no seams, which makes them highly resistant to moisture. The system’s advanced materials and design have made it the ideal vehicle for any type of camping. The system also features a new front panel, made of full GRP and foam construction. The new front panel also provides a stiffer and flat surface for the gas locker door. The car’s windows are an added bonus. These are some of the key features of the new Swift Elegance and Sterling Continental caravans.

A Smart RV is an advanced recreational vehicle that can be fitted with technology that allows remote monitoring and control. It will increase the comfort level of travellers and will encourage more people to take up RVing. The Smart RV system works with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology and is available in leading American and Australian caravans. When you are ready to upgrade your RV to a smart system, you can start by installing the latest devices. You can also connect your smartphone with the vehicle’s smart system.

A smart system caravan will help you maximise fuel efficiency. The E-Pressure sensor will monitor the pressure and temperature of tyres in your caravan. It will send you a notification if your tyres are underinflated or overinflated. As a result, the system helps you to drive more efficiently on all types of terrain.

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