You can take a closer look at the general features and details of Prism, one of the Coacmen caravan series. We offer you all the details with the wide gallery in the content.

Floorplan:24CB : Prism Select24DS : Prism Select24FS : Prism Select24CB : Prism Elite24DS : Prism Elite24FS : Prism Elite
GVWR:11,030 lb.11,030 lb.11,030 lb.11,030 lb.11,030 lb.11,030 lb.
GCWR:15,250 lb.15,250 lb.15,250 lb.15,250 lb.15,250 lb.15,250 lb.
GAWR Front:4,410 lb.4,410 lb.4,410 lb.4,410 lb.4,410 lb.4,410 lb.
GAWR Rear:7,720 lb.7,720 lb.7,720 lb.7,720 lb.7,720 lb.7,720 lb.
Fuel Capacity:24 gal.24 gal.24 gal.24 gal.24 gal.24 gal.
Exterior Length:24′ 11″24′ 11″24′ 11″24′ 11″24′ 11″24′ 11″
Exterior Height:10′ 9″10′ 9″10′ 9″10′ 9″10′ 9″10′ 9″
Exterior Width:92″92″92″92″92″92″
Fresh Water:29.00 gal.29.00 gal.35.00 gal.29.00 gal.29.00 gal.35.00 gal.
Gray Water:32.00 gal.32.00 gal.32.00 gal.32.00 gal.32.00 gal.32.00 gal.
Black Water:32.00 gal.35.00 gal.35.00 gal.32.00 gal.35.00 gal.35.00 gal.
Awning Size:14′14′14′14′14′14′

Come on now click the link for the 3D tour

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