Small Caravans

Small Caravans

There are many options for small caravans. There are GRP caravans, Traveling caravans, Sterckemans, Bailey of Bristol, and more. The choice of small caravan will depend on your budget and your needs. When shopping for your new small caravan, keep your budget and your payment plan in mind. Most small caravans can withstand rough weather conditions, but if you plan to travel off road, you will need a more rugged trailer.

Traveling caravans
Traveling in a small caravan does not mean sacrificing style. It is possible to find smaller versions of most popular models of large caravans, and choosing one that fits your budget is easier than ever before. These types of caravans are generally better designed than their larger counterparts, with clever storage solutions. Smaller caravans are generally more practical for one tour, because their lower user payloads make them easier to tow.

GRP caravans
When considering the purchase of a caravan, the first consideration should be whether you need more space or a smaller one. Small caravans with GRP skins are often cheaper than larger ones and are easier to maintain due to their plastic skin. Although these units’ interiors are basic, GRP caravans tend to hold their value and make a good choice for first-timers. Here are some of the pros and cons of GRP caravans.

Bailey of Bristol
The history of the Bailey of Bristol small caravan is one of success and development. This iconic British brand now employs over 300 local people on a site of over 14.5 acres in South Bristol. The company generates a turnover of over 90 million a year, producing around 7,000 leisure vehicles every year. In fact, the company is one of the few that has never made a loss. In fact, in 2009, they recorded a record turnover of over £60 million.

The Sterckeman small caravans have impressive features. For example, it has an impressive stop, turn, and tail light display, and a built-in reversing light in the rear panel. It also has a five-year water-tightness warranty and features an offside entry door and a spacious U-shaped lounge. Inside, the caravan has a kitchen, bathroom, and plenty of storage space.

The lightweight design of the Hobby ONTOUR small caravan provides ample space for all the things you need, while still being small enough to be towable by a compact vehicle. The caravan weighs just over one ton and is 2.2 meters wide. It is available in four different floor layouts for a variety of needs. It is an excellent choice for spontaneous getaways and small-scale towing vehicles. You can choose between three and five sleeping positions, depending on the number of people you’re transporting.

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