Best Caravan Accessories

Tips For Choosing the Best Caravan Accessories

In addition to motorhomes, caravans come with many accessories to enhance the experience. These accessories may include Rhino racks, towing mirrors, Inline water filter, Carbon monoxide alarm, and so much more. With so many options available, choosing the right accessories can make a huge difference in your motorhome experience. Listed below are some tips to help you choose the best accessories for your motorhome. Let’s take a closer look at some of these accessories.

Rhino racks
When shopping for roof racks for your caravan, you should compare Rhino and Thule. While both manufacturers make great products, the Rhino racks are more expensive. However, they are both incredibly sturdy and durable. They both have a limited lifetime warranty. Read on to find out why Rhino racks are the best. Here are the pros and cons of each brand. And, don’t forget to check for free shipping!

Towing mirrors
Towing mirrors are great accessories for your motorhome. They not only allow you to see your trailer, they look neat on your car, too! These mirrors are also available in power-driven and manual mechanisms. Towing mirrors also include heating elements and plane or convex glass. Besides being practical, they improve safety. Listed below are some of the benefits of towing mirrors.

Inline water filter
A good inline water filter for your caravan is a great addition to your outdoor living space. This accessory can be installed directly into the water system and is often mounted on the side or rear cabinet walls. The housing can be removed for cleaning and maintenance. Check the filter element before use and make sure it is clearly marked with the expiry date. After the first year or so, it is advisable to replace the filter element. Make sure to check the sticker for the expiry date to ensure that the filter is still in good condition.

Carbon monoxide alarm
If you’re in a caravan, you should install a carbon monoxide (CO) detector. These devices are designed to detect the presence of the gas, which is highly toxic and can even kill you. It’s important to install a CO alarm close to the appliances it monitors, and you should place it at chest height, four inches above the floor. Installing a CO detector in a caravan is similar to installing a smoke detector. Just make sure to choose one that has the British Standard certification.

Reusable BBQ mats
Whether you’re camping for a week or a few weeks, reusable BBQ mats can make cooking on your van’s grill a breeze. These mats keep the surface of your barbecue clean and safe from splatters and drippings. They can also double as beach towels for a day at the beach. Reusable BBQ mats can also be used to clean the surfaces of your other cooking appliances such as your stove, particularly if you have a barbeque.

Inflatable extension room
If you are unsure about how to choose an inflatable extension room for caravan, you can always check out the XTend Air Capsule. These inflatable extension rooms fit perfectly on top of the Orbit Air Comet Annexe and can be fitted to the ends or both sides of the vehicle. They are great for providing additional space, extra storage, or even a bedroom. But how do you know which one is best? Read on to learn more about these caravanning accessories.

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