Choosing Your Caravan Tyres

Choosing the correct tyre is an indispensable factor for a caravan. When choosing tyres for your caravan, you are supposed to ensure that they are suitable for your vehicle’s wheels. There are four main types of caravans and hence the best caravan tyre for yours is subject to first and foremost the type of vehicle. Fortunately, the dimensions of caravan tyres are easy to identify. These measurements are provided in your manual. Alternatively, you can check the dimensions of your vehicle’s tyres online. If you’re unsure, you should consult the manual to make sure that the tyres you choose are compatible with the vehicle’s wheels.

We have some beneficial recommendations which can help you while you are choosing the correct tyre for your caravan.

  • Firstly, your selection should be tyres of an approved size for your vehicle. The load index is higher for caravans and vans. You should pay regard to the tyre sizes specified by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • If you are choosing a caravan type which does require speed and load, then you should choose C type tyre. Unless it does not, it is not necessary to choose this tyre.
  • If your caravan is of the “Conventional High Body Caravan”, “Low Profile Caravan” or “Class A Caravan” type, a tyre marked C may have poor performance. We recommend using CP marked tyres instead. Because the correct pressure will absorb the entire load carried by your trailer and these caravan tyres have a higher load index and pressure, as well as a reinforced carcass.
  • The tyre’s tread depth is an important aspect of safety. Every tyre has an optimum inflation pressure based on the load it can carry. Because caravans tend to operate at the maximum weight, choosing optimum pressure is recommended unless you intend to travel at significantly lower than the maximum weight limit. Checking the tyre pressure is also important because it will affect fuel consumption and safety.
  • Another consideration when choosing caravan tyres is speed and load ratings. Choose ones that are as high as the vehicle’s load rating, or higher. If you don’t know the rating of your caravan tyres, you should contact the manufacturer of your vehicle. If you’re unsure about this, you can always replace it with a similar one. A wrong choice can be very dangerous, and it could even invalidate your insurance.

Maintenance and Longevity

The lifespan of caravan tyres is similar to other types of tyres. Caravan tyre age can last anywhere from 5 to 6 years, but the lifespan of a single tyre can vary depending on the tyre’s age, storage conditions, and other factors. Regardless of tyre longevity, it is a good idea to buy new tyres if they’re more than 5 years old. After five years, tyres become degraded and could cause problems – but it’s important to check your tyres regularly to ensure that they’re still safe and secure. This lifespan is further shortened if caravan tyres are not properly stored. You should jack up your caravan and place it on chocks to avoid damage. Check for cracks and damage. Make sure that the pressure is correct and that you rotate your tyres regularly.
Modern tyres should be reliable and safe, but they can ruin your caravanning adventure if they are not properly maintained. Make sure you get the load rating that matches the weight and size of your caravan. Improper tyres may damage your caravan and invalidate your insurance policy. Then, choose the right tyre for your caravan to avoid problems on the road. It is possible to extend your tyre’s service life with the right maintenance ways.

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