Tips Before You Head Out


Here are some helpful tips before you head out to a journey with your caravan.

  1. A motor mover is well worth it.
  2. Check the caravan is hitched on to the car.. Three have come of so far this week as they have left the site.
  3. Make sure you pack the large items on the floor of the van.
  4. Only take with you what you really need!
  5. Each time before you set off , one person should stand ar the back to check that all of the lights are working correctly.
  6. Check all windows and skylight.
  7. Don’t forget to load the booze.
  8. Don’t forget the first aid kit.
  9. Learn how to reverse.
  10. Jockey wheel test before you set off make sure hitched up correctly. Don’t want caravan coming off.
  11. Jump leads, I have seen a few caravaners and motor homes flatten their battery.
  12. Enjoy it. Everyone loves caravanning for their own reasons. Some want to escape ‘normal life’ (no WiFi etc) and others want a home from home. Either way make the most of and make great memories.
  13. Thoughre checks before you set off.
  14. Enjoy the rest, laugh at Yr mistakes, don’t be afraid to ask others.
  15. Once all set to move off, pull off the pitch then walk back & check area then drive short distance then stop & do a complete walk around of vehicle & caravan – works for me.
  16. Always wind the jockey wheel up to make sure it’s hitched on correctly and secure cable to towbar with the clip, don’t just loop it around the ball hitch!
  17. Keep all heavy weight across the axle of your caravan.
  18. Always go through your pre departure checklist for safety. Then enjoy the holiday.
  19. Plan your route.
  20. Check for narrow roads if your new to towing.
  21. Oh and get a cordless drill for the legs saves u using that hand thing haha can’t remember the name of it.
  22. Have some consideration for those who are in tents, caravans are not made with bricks and the noise from inside caravans can be heard outside when a bit excessive, especially when TV is loud.
  23. Find out how to tow safely, especially re reversing, braking and “snaking”.

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