What You Need to Know About Caravan Travel

Choose The Right One For You

One of the first things you should do as soon as you decide to travel by caravan is to choose the one that fits your budget. Your personal preference comes next. It is ideal to choose your caravan according to the place you will go. The route you will follow and the number of people in the car will be other determinent factors. While buying is an option, renting is another one.

Type B license will be sufficient for motorhome models, that is, truck flats and trailers, which are attached to the back of the vehicle. It is important for safety to drive the caravan slower than usual, as it will be more loaded than normal vehicle use. It will always be useful to get information about the caravan you are going to buy or rent and to get suggestions from the experts. However, it will still be useful to have an idea about the models.

If you feel you are too inexperienced to decide, you should take a look at Caravan for Beginners – Caravan Models. We produced this content for you so that you feel more confident before making your decision.

Which Cars Can You Connect Your Caravans to?

Today, most of the vehicles can be connected to caravans. The important thing is to connect the caravan model suitable for your vehicle. The sum of towing and towed vehicles is called the weight of the train. The license of the vehicle you plan to tow your caravan writes the maximum laden weight and the weight of the train. These values are very important for a safe journey.

Do you need a different license to drive a caravan?

You can drive caravans under 750 kg with a Class B license. But for caravans with a maximum weight of 751 kg, you need to get an E addition (like BE, CE) to your driver’s license.

What is an M Class Caravan License?

The caravan is generally referred to as the M1 class. Class M vehicles are motor vehicles with at least four wheels and used for passenger transport. Motor vehicles are for passenger transport and have a maximum of 9 seats, including the driver, are classified as M1. Inspection is carried out with the certificate that the vehicle obtained from TSE is suitable for the project.

How to Install the Drawbar?

In order to tow the it safely, a solid, standard-made tow bar must be assembled with the help of an expert, and the drawbar should never be second-hand. The tow bar should fit the vehicle and, after approval, you should certify and operate it under a proper license. It is also very important that you check the iron before each long journey.

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