The Smallest Caravan

In this photo above, you can see how the backseats are used as a storage to keep water, blankets and other belongings.

Hi Caravan lovers. Today I am going to show you the smallest caravan and camping gadget to prove the size does not matter but what you do with it! It may sound erotic but in this way of life, simplicity and space is all you need to breath.

In Netherland, a young couple has transformed their mini car into a camping robot. This is their transformers now.

The tent has been installed on the upside and opened after the car stopped. It is now a part of your vehicle. Wherever you go, your tent will follow you.
Now that picture shows why size will not matter but how you use it. You can turn it into a bed, a kitchen, a storage. 
Ready to go… Anywhere, anytime…

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